Welcome to the Seneca County Probate and Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court Filing Fees


Delinquent Actions/Unruly Actions:
Bindover-Transfer of Jurisdiction to General Division for Prosecution $169.00 per case
Serious Youthful Offender $169.00 per case
Juvenile Felony Case $144.00 per case
Juvenile Misdemeanor Case $119.00 per case
Probation Violation $50.00 per case
Unruly/School Truancy $114.00 per case
Diversion $25.00
Juvenile Tobacco Offense $135.00 per case
Probation Fee $75.00
Juvenile Traffic Offender:
Seat Belt - Driver $111.00 per case
Seat Belt - Passenger $101.00 per case
Misdemeanor $124.00 per case
Felony $149.00 per case
OVI $129.00 per case
Adult Criminal Action $159.00 per case
Complaint, Motion, or Application in New Civil Case $178.00 per case/child
Complaint, Motion, or Application in New Paternity Actions $178.00 per case/child
Complaint, Motion, or Application For Custody or Modification of Custody,
Shared Parenting Plan, Parenting Time, Tax Exemption, Child Support
$163.00 per case/child
Consent Judgment Entry without Pending Motion in a New Civil Action $93.00 per case/child
Consent Judgment Entry without Pending Motion $78.00 per case/child
Motion or Application for Post-Dispositional Hearing $163.00 per case/child
Copy per Page $.05
Certified Copy per Page $1.00
Citation for Contempt $163.00 per case/child
Habeas Corpus $163.00 per case/child
Deposit for Guardian ad Litem $1,500.00
Deposit for home Investigation $1000.00
Jury Demand As established by Common Pleas, General Division
Probation/Community Control
(Juvenile Traffic Offender & Delinquent Only)
$75.00 per case
Drug Test for Juvenile on Probation $5.00
Drug Test for Adult $35.00
Payment Plan Fee
(Juvenile Traffic Offender & Delinquent Only)
Certified Mail Fee $6.00
“Buy-Out” Community Services per hour Current minimum wage per hour
Transcript Fees As determined by Court Reporter
Filing Of Appeal As established by 3rd District Local Rules
Restitution Surcharge – 5% of total amount collected
(Juvenile Traffic Offender & Delinquent Only)
Credit Card/Debit Card Fee As charged by Credit Card Company
Witness Fee As provided by the Rules & Statute
Sheriff Fees As requested by Sheriff
Publication on Deposit As determined by newspaper