Welcome to the Seneca County Probate and Juvenile Court!

Juvenile Court Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay my fines and court costs?
Costs and fines are to be paid to the clerks at the court or by mailing them to:
Seneca County Juvenile Court
103 East Market Street
Tiffin, OH 44883
Please provide the case number and your name when paying by mail.
Can I pay my costs and fines on an installment basis?
Yes. Costs and fines can be paid on an installment basis. However, there is a processing fee associated with this service. Failure to comply with an installment payment agreement may result in further court proceedings and the suspension of your Driver’s License or right to apply for a Driver’s License.
Can I pay my costs and fines with a credit or debit card?
Yes. The court does accept credit or debit card payments. A 3% transaction fee will be charged for the use of the service. The minimum transaction fee is $2.00.
Where do I deliver my letter of apology?
Letters of apology are to be delivered to the clerks at the window at the Seneca County Juvenile Court located at 103 East Market Street, Tiffin, OH 44883.
Where do I pay my restitution?
Restitution is to be paid at the Clerk’s Office located at 103 East Market Street, Tiffin, OH 44883. Credit cards cannot be used for restitution payments.
What are the usual terms of probation?
The usual terms of probation require:
  • a curfew
  • that you not associate with certain persons or be in certain places
  • that you are subject to search
  • that you not violate any law
  • that you attend school and class daily
  • you pay your fines, costs, and restitution
  • that you comply with the recommendations of your counselor or other remedial program(s)
  • that you submit to random drug tests
  • that you complete your community service
  • that you agree to any other terms and conditions that the Probation Officer establishes regarding your particular circumstance
How long will I be on probation?
The probation officer will review your written terms of probation with you. At the time you sign your terms of probation, the probation officer will give you an anticipated release date.
Can my parents be sued for the theft or vandalism I did?
Yes. Your parents can be sued civily for any theft or vandalism case you were involved in. If sued, your parents could be liable for court costs, attorney fees, and damages.
If my driver’s license is suspended and I get limited driving privileges – what does that mean?
If your license is suspended and you are given limited court driving privileges, you only have those limited privileges to drive to and from certain locations at certain times as granted by the court. You will also have to turn in your regular driver’s license to the court. The court will then hold it until your suspension is completed. During this time, you will be given a driving permit. You need to carry this with you at all times just like a driver’s license. You may not have anyone in the car with you unless it is your immediate family. This means NO FRIENDS CAN BE IN YOUR VEHICLE! Your driving privileges also require you to take the most direct route to the places that are listed on your driving permit. Stopping for food, shopping or anything else not listed on the permit is prohibited (unless an emergency). You may however stop for gasoline.

Should a law enforcement officer stop you and thinks you are abusing your driving privileges, you can be cited for Driving Under Suspension. This means you could lose your license for 6 months, have 2 points added to your driving record, and be subject to other sanctions and fines as allowed by law.

Once the date is up for you to have your license reinstated, you may retrieve it from the Court itself. You will be required to pay any and all reimbursement fees to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles before you drive. Even though you were given limited driving privileges from the court, because of the suspension of your license, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be notified. You will receive a notice from the Bureau regarding the suspension, reinstatement fees, retesting requirements, or any other action the Bureau takes regarding your driving privileges in Ohio.
Who will be at my court hearing?
Other than you, usually:
  • Prosecutor or an Assistant County Prosecutor
  • Your parent(s), guardian, or legal custodian
  • The victim’s advocate
  • victim or representative of the victim

On other occasions, there may also be:
  • a representative from the Department of Job and Family Services
  • a lawyer from the Department of Job and Family Services
  • a CASA guardian ad litem
  • a Probation Officer
  • a school official
  • a counselor or case manager
  • if there is a matter that requires testimony (i.e. trial), witnesses may also be present