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Juvenile Probation

The Seneca County Probation Department is committed to the restorative justice and balanced-approach framework which emphasizes a response to juvenile delinquency focusing on accountability, public safety, competency development, and victim reparation. Probation Officers work one-on-one with youth and their families to achieve the Court’s intended goal of holding juvenile offenders accountable for delinquent activity, while connecting youth and their families to resources that reduce criminal behavior and increase the ability of the youth to live productively and responsibly in Seneca County.

The Probation Department consists of four full time Probation Officers, under the supervision of the Director of Court Services, who are highly skilled and specially trained to provide exceptional service to youth and their families. Once a youth is ordered to complete Probation, the youth is assessed and assigned a Probation Officer. That Probation Officer will, along with the help of the youth’s family, create an individualized treatment plan for the youth, connect the youth and family to resources, and monitor the youth’s compliance with Court orders.

As referenced above, the Probation Department provides assessments, referrals to treatment, and interventions based on each offender’s needs. Many of these interventions focus on teaching life skills and coping skills to youth through referral to diverse programming that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Domestic Violence Prevention and Programming
  • Sex Offender Treatment
  • Job-Readiness Training

The Probation Officers work with several community partners to provide individualized assistance to each youth and family. Further, the Probation Department embraces the importance of family in each youth’s response to supervision, and therefore requires parents and/or guardians to participate in the youth’s treatment plan, as well as other programs to which the youth and family are referred.

The Probation Department strives to empower all youth under its supervision to reform their behavior and make better decisions. This will, in turn, create a safer community for us all.


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